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Digital and analog timers well suited to a wide variety of machine and process control applications.
Our timers are available in single function-multirange, multifunction-single range, and multifunction-multirange configurations. Panasonic timer products are of the highest quality and offer an outstanding value!

===================================================================================== S1DXM Series

Key features
- Easy and Safe Handling
- Wide Time Range
- Indicator LEDs Provide Status at a Glance
- Flush Mountable with Accessories
- 12 Time Ranges Available
- S1DXM-M Multifunctional
- Useable with HJ Relay Terminal Socket
- Space-Saving Design - 22.1 x 51.7 x 29.5mm
- UL Recognized, CSA Approved

Miniature Multi-Range Timer
The S1DXM is a small, low-cost time delay relay available in Power On-Delay, Power Flicker, Power One-Shot, and Power One-Cycle configurations. Other features include flush mount capability, quickset dial, LED status indictators, and more!

===================================================================================== LT4H Series

Key features
- Screw Terminal and Pin Type are both Standard
- Changeable Panel Cover
- Conforms with EMC and Low Voltage Directives
- EE-PROM Power Failure Memory
- Bright and Easy to Read Display
- Simple Operation - Seesaw buttons make setting and operation easy
- Short Body of only 64.5 mm (2.54 in) or 70.1 mm (2.76 in)
- Conforms to IP66's Weather Resistance Standards

Market Leading Digital Timer

Compact, easy to read and use. A digital timer made to meet the market's needs! This top of the line multi-function, multi-range timer has 8 selectable operating modes. Available with pin or screw terminals, it has a 2-color backlit LCD display, waterproof front panel, four signal inputs, and relay or solid-state outputs.

===================================================================================== PM4H/4S Series
Key features
8 Different Operation Modes (PM4H-S)
Tube Base with Pin Style Terminals
Multiple Time Ranges - 1s to 500h (Max)
Short Body - 62.5mm (2.461 in) (Screw Terminal Type)
IP50/IP65 Rated - Front panel protected against water-splash and dust
100-240V AC Free-Voltage Input, 48-125V DC Type Available
Built-in Screw Terminals
Easy Wiring - Reduces additional costs
Changeable Panel Cover

Analog Timer
These analog dial set multi-function, multi-range timers cover 18 different operating modes, and include true power off-delay, star-delta, and cyclic twin timers. Available with pin or screw terminals, it has a washdown front panel, up to 3 signal inputs; and relay output.

===================================================================================== PM5S Series

Key features
- Slim Body - DIN 22.5 mm (.886 in)
- 0 Setting Instantaneous Output Operation
- UL/C-UL/CE Approval
- Multiple Time Ranges - 1s to 500h (max)
- IP40 Protection
- 24-240V AC/DC Free-Voltage Input
- Built-in Screw Terminals
- 6 Different Operation Modes (PM5S-A)
- High Shock Resistance
Multi-Range Analog Timer

===================================================================================== PMH Series
Key features
- Indicator LED Provided for Operation

- UL/CSA and LLOYD Recognized

- Four Time Ranges - Each with 4 Maximum Time Settings

- High Speed Subsecond Timing Available

- Compact Size - 56.7 x 36 x 50mm

Compact Size High Precision Power On-Delay Timers
The PMH is a dedicated Power On-Delay timer with a front panel dimension of 50mm high by 36mm wide. It has tubebase pin terminals, easy-set dial, and two 10-amp Form C relay output contacts.


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