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Programmable Logic Controllers

Our versatile programmable logic controllers offer the power, speed, and flexibility you need.Our FP0 is one of the smallest programmable logic controllers on the market. The power of our compact FPX is complimented by a new, low price! Our FP Sigma is capable of real-world motion and temperature control....


FP0 Series
Ultra Small / Ultra Slim PLC
Panasonic Electric Works established a new world standard "SLIM" PLC. Starting from 10 I/O to 32 I/O, the CPU is only 25(w) x 90(h) x 70(d)mm. This is about 1/4 the size of the traditional bulky PLC style called "Brick". The FP0 saves precious panel space and money. Relay output types have removable screw terminal blocks. The power supply connector is also quick to disconnect. Easy installation... especially when duplicating many systems.

REAL temperature control
Up to 16 loops of PID and auto tuning are built into this "SLIM" PLC. The FP0 uses floating point math for its PID calculation which is more accurate than an integer PID. With the new thermocouple input units, the FP0 can easily and accurately control temperature while controlling I/O. The PID values can be easy calculated with the built-in auto tuning feature. Up to 16 Auto Tuning loops can run simultaneously. The I-PD algorithm is also available to offer smoother control for sensitive applications.

The FP0 is still expandable up to 3 expansion unit right side of the CPU. It is also possible to mix and match with relay, transistor and analog. The FP0 can communicate via Ethernet, Internet, Modem as well as RS232C/485. Or FP0 can send E-mail out with FPWebServer. You can also monitor and edit the program via Modem, Ethernet, RS485 and RS232C. The FP0 is still world smallest PLC but it got powerful feature and industrially built.

Two axes motion control
The FP0 has simultaneous 2 axis trapezoidal motion control. Programming is very simple. All you have to do is to set the low speed, high speed, acceleration time, target position and you are ready to do motion control. You can control up to 9.5KHz total.

Key features
> Web Server Available - The world's smallest PLC can be connected to the web!
> Floating Point Math(2)
> 2 Serial Ports(3)
> Calendar Timer Clock (4)
> Fast PWM Output(2)
> ULTRA Small - 1/4 the size of traditional brick PLCs
> 2 Axis Motion Control - Trapezoidal motion control
> PID with Auto Tuning (2)
> 4 High Speed Counters
> 1ms Resolution Timers
> Removable Terminals (1)
> Run-Time Editing


FPX Series

Powerful, compact PLC with the processing power and expandability of larger PLCs

High Performance, Multiple Functions, and Strengthened Lineup to Support a Wider Variety of Applications
The FP-X PLC comes with a wide range of features suitable for most applications and is designed to save development cost. Ultra high processing speed of 0.32 μsec per instruction (executes a 5 Kstep program in 1.9 msec). Large program capacity of 16, or 32 Kstep exceeds the capacity of most compact PLCs. Expandable up to 382 I/O points, low cost coordinated motion, analog, and communication cassette options are also available

Excels with networking capabilities
Excellent for communication applications with the ability to network 16 FP-X (master to master network), or 99 FP-X (master to slave network). Modbus RTU master and slave supported (will support up to 63 slave per master). Built-in 8 channels of high speed counters with speeds up to 10 KHz per channel (optional high speed counters also available with speeds up to 80 KHz). USB connection, built-in power supply, removable screw terminals are only a few of the well thought out features of the FP-X PLC.

The transistor type FP-X comes with up to 4 axis of built-in pulse outputs (AFPX-C14 supports 3 axis). Each motion axis can operate independently or as 2 pairs of linear interpolation. The transistor outputs are designed for rugged operation with up to 0.5 Amp load simultaneously on all outputs. The relay type FP-X is also capable of motion by using an optional pulse cassette.

Key features

> High-speed Operation
The 32-bit RISC processor provides the top-level processing speed in compact PLCs. The scan time is 2 ms or less for 5,000 steps. A high-speed PLC is indispensable for enhancing the functionality of equipment.

> Large Capacity Program Memory
FP-X, which is equipped with 32k steps*2 program memory, is ideal for fully covering the increasing functions, such as communications, positioning, and analog control. The sufficient program capacity can also support future equipment modifications.

> Independent Comment Memory
There are difficulties with program management on a PC, such as identifying the latest program. The use of the program in the PLC of equipment in operation is often regarded as the best option. Since FP-X has an independent comment memory, all comments can be stored in the PLC together with programs, facilitating program management and maintenance.

> Maximum Number of I/O Points
Since up to eight expansion units can be connected to one control unit, the maximum number of I/O points is 300. Furthermore, with the add-on cassette and expansion FP0 adapter connected, the number of I/O points can be increased to 382.

> Built-in 4-axis Pulse Output (Transistor Output Type
The transistor output type C14 comes with 3-axis while C30/60 comes with 4-axis pulse output built-in the control unit. The multi-axis control, which previously required a higher-level PLC or additional positioning unit, or two or more PLC units, can now be achieved with only one FP-X transistor output type unit in a small space at a low cost. In addition, as this type does not require a pulse I/O cassette needed for a relay output type, other function expansion cassettes such as communication or analog input can be attached for more diversified applications.

> Modbus-RTU
Communicates with equipment compatible with Modbus-RTU

> Expansion Cassettes
Expansion cassettes are available for Extra digital I/O, analog, motion, Ethernet, Serial communication, etc.

FPΣ Series

Ultra-Slim PLC - FP Sigma

Next-generation compact PLC. Medium-scale functionality provided in nano size
More advanced and complex control is required of PLCs in accordance with equipment functionality enhancements. The FPΣ is compact in size but equipped with a RISC processor that processes basic instruction at speeds of 0.32 usec/ instruction. Some of the features that results are super fast floating point calculation, built-in two axis of motion with linear/circular interpolation (expandable to 10 axes), easy PID instruction that supports up to 24 loops, 4 channels of built-in high speed counters, etc.

The FPΣ can support up to 3 serial ports configurable for Modbus RTU, PLC to PLC networking, Mewtocol, and General Purpose (custom communication protocol). The FPΣ has a programming capacity of 32 k steps, and supports up to 384 I/O points.

Key features
> Supports high-speed, positioning!
Comes standard with pulse output function of maximum 100 kHz.Linear and circular interpolation 2 Axis motion control.

> Program capacity of 32K steps

> RISC processor with 0.32 micro second processing speed per instruction

> 4 different communication cassettes. You can add up to two more ports without increasing the size of the CPU unit.

> Contains convenient instructions and functions for temperature control. A control unit that supports thermistor input is also available.

> High-level Temperature Control at Low Cost Two built-in thermistors input channels provide high-level temperature control. Thermistors can be connected directly, eliminating the need for an additional unit. The FPΣ can control heaters via PWM outputs controlled by the built-in PID/Auto-Tuning.

> Modbus RTU Master/Slave communication

> 50 Micro second interrupt throughput

> Up to 3 serial ports operating at speeds up to 115.2K baud rate.


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